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Frequently Asked Questions   IF have made it this should at least come in and check it out.....we BELIEVE you will be happy you did!  Yes, we are that confident in what we can offer you.....:)  

We try to anticipate questions you might have about our  SERVICE and provide the answers here. If you need additional information send us an e-mail at, or you can text or call us at the main number above.


What is the cost?

$55.00 monthly, after that you automatically pay this amount to receive continued personal training and instruction for your fitness and health goals. One scheduled session a month, note they are not cumulative. You may add on a spouse or other family member living in your household over the age of 17 for $30.00 additional...they also enjoy the personal training/instruction. Once you become a part of "The GYM McKinney Family" your rate will NEVER change if it is not interrupted. If you leave, you will be subject to current rates. OR commit for one year and pay less, $45.00 monthly and add one person for $25.00.



Do you offer personal training?

Additional personal training sessions are $45.00 per half hour.  You can purchase additionally sessions and paid in additionally to the monthly one session. 


Do you offer nutritional guidance?

Yes we do, the facility is full service, along with your personal training/instruction. Your questions are answered so you understand how to achieve your fitness goals. It is part of the service.  We are happy to help you, guide you with a recommended food diet, according to your needs.  You would need to disclose any food allergies or food restrictions or medical conditions upfront when asking about this service, to provide you the best recommended suggestions.


3180 Eldorado Pkwy


Behind the 7-11 and McDonalds